Covering rollers with polyurethane up to 3000 mm in length

03-10-2019 | Literally big news: We can now also cover your rollers with polyurethane up to a length of 3 m and a diameter of 650 mm. Because we have recently Rol bekledenacquired a CNC lathe with a large turning diameter, we can now also machine rollers and shafts to these dimensions.

CNC with large turning diameter

We have recently acquired a computer-controlled lathe with a large turning diameter of 660 mm. This lathe measures 3000 mm between the centers. Do you want to cover a shaft or roller with polyurethane up to 650 mm in diameter and 3 mtr long? No problem, because we can finish the roller on this lathe. With our CNC we can realize the correct dimensions, contour or profiling for amongst others large rollers, large drive rollers and rollers for the paper industry.

Covering rollers or cylinders with PU

We can cover rolls and rollers by “casting-on” polyurethane. This makes a thick-walled end result possible. The composition of the PU lining largely depends on the application of the roller. Sometimes a high wear resistance or a good cut or tear resistance is required, while in another applications the internal heat build-up is decisive. Our specialists are happy to help you make the right choice for the right lining.

Would you like to have more information? Or make an enquiry for covering large rollers? Please contact us.



Polarttech trains craftsmen

Erkend leerbedrijfSince September 3 we are an officially recognised training company in the Netherlands and we are proud of it. It’s great that we can give something back to our society. Young people make our future and in this way we can help young people with a successful career in the technical industry.

SBB and Boris recognition

SBB has certified Polarttech as a recognised training company for various courses / degrees. We offer internships and graduation opportunities at different levels, both at VMBO (we are a Boris learning company!) and MBO level. Our own employees can now also follow certified trainings with us.

Learning on the job at Polarttech

At Polarttech we produce high-quality polyurethane and plastic products. Are you an enthusiastic, diligent student or pupil and are you looking for to a challenge? Do you think that a dynamic informal organisation with short communication lines suits you? Then come to Polarttech to learn on the job. Do you want to know more about all training options, our acknowledgments at SBB and the Boris project? Then take a look at the page, Polarttech, a recognised training company.

Happy holidays!


2016 is almost over. We look forward to 2017; a year full of new challenges. Polarttech wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Because of the holidays we will be closed from December 26th and reopen on January 2nd.

What is polyurethane?

Polyurethane (PU) is an important family of polymers which has many applications. You will get in touch with it every day, without being aware of it. At home and in the office. During sports and holiday. In short: polyurethane is one of the most versatile materials in the world. Polyurethane makes our lives easier, more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

The most special thing about polyurethane is that products can be cast in all possible shapes. Very complex products, such as three dimensional products: no problem. Hollow products? PU makes it all possible!

Ok. But what is polyurethane?

‘But what is polyurethane?’ you might still think. Besides knowing that it is a ‘family of polymers’, you may not have become much wiser. Let us try and explain it as simple as possible and in only one sentence:


Polyurethane is a rubbery plastic.

We can also explain it to you in a more technical way:

Polyurethane has the strength of plastic and the elasticity of rubber.

What are the properties of PU?

Polyurethane offers more possibilities than rubber or plastics. Because the raw material is liquid, polyurethane properties can be influenced. Consider this liquid raw material as a ‘soup’ , where you can add other ingredients. That’s how you can serve another dish every time. The options are endless. If we translate this to polyurethane, you can think about hard, soft, flexible, tough, light materials and different colours. Also various additives can be added to polyurethane, such as: flame retardants, UV protectors, MoS2, steel- and aluminum powders, PTFE, glass, graphite and chalk. Anything is possible!

What is polyurethane used for?

Polyurethane products make our lives easier. You will get in touch with it every day. Because the material is so versatile, you will encounter it in many different shapes. In the list below you will see in what way you can encounter PU daily:

  • car parts
  • carpolish
  • protective layers
  • building insulation
  • coatings
  • insulation for refrigerators and freezers
  • adhesives
  • mattresses
  • upholstery
  • manhole covers
  • soles
  • funnels
  • paint
  • floors
  • wheels and tires


This list grows every day. Daily new products and applications are invented for polyurethane. Would you like to know more about possible applications of PU in our daily lives? Watch youtube video ‘What is polyurethane’ Are you curious about all the things we can do with polyurethane? Have a look at our products and be amazed by the possibilities!

New product pages online…

Our website still grows! Last week we have posted a lot of new product pages online. Please have a look at our new pages:



Of course we will continue to work on our website. Would you like to stay up-to-date about Polarttech? You will find the latest news here, on our news page.

Polargard®: the logo

Polargardplaat met logo

The first Polargard® sheets with our Polargard® logo have been supplied to our customers. The Polargard® logo is straight, simple and super recognisable. Exactly how we meanted it to be.

Our Polargard® Canvas as well as our Polargard® Steel sheets will have the logo. Are you not yet familiar with this super lining product? Please have a look at the product pages for more information.

Bekleden van complexe producten, zonder malkosten

Bekleden zonder malkostenKleine en grote producten, lastige vormen: we bekleden ze allemaal. Maar het bekleden van complexe producten is toch wel één van onze specialiteiten.

Het stalen T-stuk op de afbeelding hiernaast is inwendig bekleedt met witte polyurethaan, 75 Shore A hardheid. Dit product is onderdeel van een cycloon voor abrasieve materialen. De PU bekleding zorgt voor een verhoging van de slijtvastheid en geluidsreductie.

Onze bekledingstechnologie biedt veel mogelijkheden. Zo kunnen we een complexe vorm als deze bekleden, zonder daar een mal voor te moeten produceren. Het grote voordeel voor u als klant: geen malkosten! Bij deze technologie gieten we het polyurethaan ‘aan’. Dit is mogelijk tot een wanddikte van 15 mm in verschillende kleuren en hardheden.

Heeft u interesse het laten bekleden van een complex product? Neem dan vooral contact op met onze verkoopafdeling!

Happy holidays!

Kerstgroet2014 is almost over. We look forward to 2015; a year full of new challenges. Polarttech wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Because of the holidays we will be closed from December 24th and reopen on January 5th.


New Polarttech corporate clothing

Nieuwe bedrijfskleding

Recently, all employees of Polarttech started wearing new corporate clothing. We are proud at our new outfits, that seamlessly integrate with our brand identity.

The Polarttech logo is clearly visible on our new shirts, sweaters and caps. The choice of the black color was simple; it fits well with our newly designed website and is easy to combine. The clothing meets current safety standards, is comfortable and is of high quality.

We are very proud at our new Polarttech outfits!



Polarttech offers a super lining product in its product range: Polargard™. This is a hard-wearing polyurethane sheeting material with a backing with an open structure, enabling the Polargard™ plate to be bonded to sheet steel products like vibrating hoppers and chutes.

In 2012, we had synthetic backing materials made and we also performed extensive tests for casting-on polyurethane. This resulted in a unique product which we call Polargard. Besides this PolargardCanvas variety, we also offer Polargard with a steel inlay. This sheeting material can be attached by bolting/screwing to different surfaces.

Read more about our product Polargard.