Polargard ® Steel


  • Vibrating hoppers
  • Chutes, ducts and flumes
  • Skirtboards
  • Surge tanks


  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • Can be attached by bolting/screwing to different surfaces
  • Non-sticking
  • Noise reducing
  • Easy to cut with a bench shear
  • Polargard® STG* is lighter in weight than Polargard® STS**
  • Polargard® STG* is easier to shape to the surface to which it is attached than Polargard® STS**

*STG: with a perforated steel inlay (STG)
**STS: with a stretch metal inlay (STS)

Polargard® Steel according to your specifications

We can manufacture Polargard® Steel sheeting material and lining products according to your specifications. This can be based on a drawing or model and both small and large series of products are possible.

Polargard ® Steel

Product options 

Dimensions 1000 x 2000 mm
1250 x 2500 mm
Thicknesses 8 mm to 50 mm
Hardness in Shore A Standard 75 Shore A
custom-made 40 to 95 Shore A
Colours Various colours available
Polargard ® Steel

Polargard® Canvas

Next to Polargard® Steel, we also offer Polargard® Canvas. This hard-wearing polyurethane sheeting material has a backing with an open structure that bonds well to different surfaces.

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