Polyurethane coating, roller covering and lining

Polyurethane roller covering

There are various methods for applying polyurethane to a product. Spraying is used to apply a thin coating layer. The roller covering technology we use offers more possibilities as it enables better adjustment to the specific application of the product. Another advantage of our roller covering technology over spraying is that the polyurethane is cast onto the product, creating an end result with a greater wall thickness.

Polyurethane coating, roller covering and lining

Polyurethane coating

When using polyurethane to coat a product, we apply one or more layers of polyurethane to a Mother Mould. We apply the polyurethane layer to the outside, as a result of which the shape may be less exact there.

Polyurethane coating, roller covering and lining

Polargard®: super polyurethane lining product

In 2012, Polarttech developed a new and unique product which we call Polargard®. This is a hard-wearing polyurethane sheeting material with a backing with an open structure, enabling the Polargard® sheeting to be bonded to sheet steel products like vibrating hoppers and chutes. And besides this Polargard® Canvas variety, we also offer Polargard® with a steel inlay. This sheeting material can be attached by bolting/screwing through the surface.

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