Monopile support pads

What are polyurethane support pads?

Polyurethane is a versatile polymer known for its flexibility, wear resistance, and durability. Support pads made from polyurethane are often used in industrial applications where cushioning, protection, and support are required. These pads can be specifically designed to meet the needs of various transport requirements, including the transport of heavy and large objects such as monopiles.

Case study: Effectiveness of polyurethane support pads

A recent case study conducted by a leading offshore transport company showed that the use of polyurethane support pads resulted in a significant reduction in transport-related damage to monopiles. Compared to traditional materials such as wood or rubber, polyurethane pads were not only more effective at protecting the monopiles but also more cost-efficient in the long term due to their durability.

Why using polyurethane monopile support pads?

The use of polyurethane support pads in cradles for offshore monopile transport offers numerous benefits, including improved shock absorption, superior protection, and long-lasting durability. By investing in this innovative solution, transport companies can not only ensure the safety and integrity of monopiles but also enhance the efficiency of their operations. Furthermore, the ability to adjust the friction properties, as provided by Polarttech, adds extra flexibility and safety during transport. Polyurethane support pads thus represent an important step forward in the evolution of offshore transport technologies.

Monopile support pads

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