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New logo and new website!

New logo and new website!

We have a new logo! And the website has a fresh new look, in Polarttech's corporate identity colours. We are happy to give you a sneak peek on the most important changes in our corporate identity.

Logo: 100% Polarttech

20 years after the foundation of Polarttech, we are bigger and stronger than ever. Polarttech is becoming increasingly known outside the Netherlands. We love to show who we are. But more powerful and recognizable. 100% Polarttech. This is our new logo and we are proud of it!

Website: This is Polarttech

We follow the same principle on our new website as with our logo. Every webpage gives a spark of ‘This is Polarttech’. We have had brand new photos taken in our new factory wo we can show our beautiful production technique. The new website also has a number of surprises in store for you ...

Highlighted: there is always something interesting to tell

You will find a brand new section "Highlighted" on the homepage. You will always find other interesting pages there. That can be news items or processes or products. This way you can see at a glance if there is more interesting information available for you.


A top navigation menu

To facilitate navigation on our new website, we have had a top navigation menu built. Navigating through the website and searching in the product catalog is a piece of cake.

Improved product information

The most important change on our website is the greatly improved product information:

  • The information shown on our webpages is clearer;
  • The new feature Highlighted (you will find this at the bottom of many of our webpages) shows you what products, processes and news items are related. Super easy: you can see at a glance whether there is more interesting information available for you.