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Booming Ortega submersibles with Polarttech parts

Booming Ortega submersibles with Polarttech parts

They are booming at the moment: Ortega submersibles. The fastest, safest and most versatile dive boats in the world. They seem to come straight out of a James Bond movie and Polarttech has the honor to produce parts for these submersibles!

Ortega submersible: the pinnacle of a submarine

RTL news devoted an enthusiastic news item to it: "Dutch dive boat turns out to be a gold mine." It’s a wonderful story about two friends who like to dive and build a dive boat to master this hobby. This building project turned out to be the pinnacle of a dive boat. The submersible can be maneuvered quickly, safely and super flexibly in the water. Now Ortega submersible are supplied to filmmakers, research institutes and even offshore companies.

Polarttech parts for the Ortega submersible

We are incredibly proud to be able to co-work on these special dive boats. Polarttech supplies, amongst others, the wing tips (the end pieces) to protect the wings. In addition, we also supply the front bumper and the rear bumper. We make these parts in a black polyurethane, in a special quality that is seawater resistant and can also absorb shocks perfectly. We have also made the handles and the controls in a nice tough and impact-resistant quality.

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