More than fifteen years of expertise

Polarttech was founded in Goirle (the Netherlands) in 2000 as a small, production company with a national scope. Today, the company has grown into a leading producer and manufacturer in the international polyurethane industry.

In the first few years after Polarttech was founded, mainly technical and solid polyurethane products were produced. These included protective parts, fenders, tubes and blocks.

Roller covering and rotomoulding

Soon Polarttech started polyurethane roller covering and casting polyurethane seals. In 2006, the company learned the technique of rotomoulding: a technique that is used to manufacture hollow polyurethane products.

Plastics as well as polyurethane

In 2007, Polarttech founded a plastic machining company with partners, and called it Seal Production. Just like Polarttech, Seal Production grew fast. The production of both companies became more and more intertwined. The turnery of Seal Production often finished Polarttech’s polyurethane products. In 2010, the two companies were merged and continued under the name Polarttech.

Polyurethane with additives

In the late 1990s, Polarttech made significant investments in casting, moulding and machining polyurethane. Extensive development and testing of this extremely versatile and specialist product followed. Polarttech specialized in changing the properties of the material. Various additives can be added to polyurethane to improve product properties, such as: UV protectors, MoS2, steel and aluminum powders, PTFE, glass, graphite and chalk.

Polyurethaan gietenHigh quality products

Polarttech continually works on improving its production means and techniques. The company always strives to create added value for its customers. Polarttech is always flexible and guarantees quality. To ensure quality, Polarttech purchases the highest quality raw materials from suppliers like Covestro (formerly Bayer).