Specials (artworks)

Special polyurethane products and artworks

Over the years Polarttech has contributed to many special (art) projects. For example: fountain lining, artificial coral reefs for large aquariums and lamps for the Holland America line. The expertise of Polarttech in special polyurethane products is even used for the fashion industry.

What is polyurethane?

Polyurethane, also abbreviated as PU, has the strength of plastic and the elasticity of rubber. Polyurethane can be considered as a rubbery plastic. It is a very versatile material.

The Polarttech polyurethane casting shop casts different polyurethane systems to manufacture hollow and solid products. We do this both mechanically and manually, producing any shape you desire by using a mould or a mother mould.

Variations in material properties

We can influence the properties of the cast finished product. Hard, soft, flexible, tough, light material, different colours; we can cast it all. We can add various substances to polyurethane, such as: flame retardants, UV protectors, MoS2, steel- and aluminum powders, PTFE, glass, graphite and chalk.

LMP20130409046Especially the color variations are endless. By adding pigments to the polyurethane, we can cast special products and works of art in all colours. Everything is possible!

Interested in our polyurethane specials?

Are you interested in our polyurethane specials and curious what it could mean for your art project? Please contact us.