Machining polyurethanes

Polarttech mixes the chemicals for its polyurethane systems itself, enabling great variety in materials – and properties. The materials are based on the product application. The polyurethane can be hard, soft, flexible, tough and light as well as of different colours. Anything is possible.

Our polyurethanes come with different properties, enabling us to offer you a wide range of possibilities and solutions. Polarttech processes and machines polyurethanes using the following techniques:

Casting and injection moulding polyurethanes

Polyurethaan gietenThe Polarttech polyurethane casting shop vacuum casts different polyurethane systems to manufacture solid products (both mechanically and manually).

Polyurethane coating, roller covering and lining

Bekleden en coaten met polyurethaan Polarttech can coat products and cover rollers with polyurethane. PU is an excellent protective layer for various materials.

Rotomoulding (hollow products)

Rotomoulding Polarttech is one of the few companies in the Netherlands that offers all the unique options of rotomoulding. Rotomoulding is used to manufacture hollow products.


Spuiten en sprayen met polyurethaan Polarttech can spray polyurethane. It can be sprayed to apply a thin coating layer.