Polyurethane has the strength of plastic and the elasticity of rubber.

Polyurethaan producten

Polarttech opens up a world of possibilities in polyurethane, also abbreviated as PU. Polyurethane has the strength of plastic and the elasticity of rubber. It is a very versatile material that, from a technical point of view, offers more possibilities than rubber or other plastics. Polarttech covers wheels, rollers, rolls and sleeves  and supplies  an extensive  range of polyurethane products: hollow or solid products in all possible forms.

Polyurethane is excellent wear resistant, shows a good tear propagation resistance and low compression set. Even the hard grades show high rebound resilience. Polyurethane is resistant to mineral oils, greases, gasoline and different solvents.

Polyurethane manufacturer

Polarttech mixes the chemicals for its polyurethane systems itself, enabling great variety in materials – and properties. The materials are based on the product application. The polyurethane can be hard, soft, flexible, tough and light as well as of different colours. Anything is possible. We can add various additives to polyurethane, such as: flame retardants, UV protectors, MoS2, steel- and aluminum powders, PTFE, glass, graphite and chalk to improve product properties.

Polyurethane products according to your specifications

We manufacture hollow or solid polyurethane products according to your specifications. This can be based on a drawing or model and both small and large series of products are possible.

  • Grubbing rollers
  • Wheels for tracks
Civil engineering
  • Funnel coatings
  • Street furniture
  • Track road protection sheets
  • Wear sheets
  • Wheels
General industry
  • Buffer blocks
  • Cable guide blocks
  • Carrier return chains
  • Clamping profile stones
  • Concrete recesses
  • Flange wheels
  • Forklift paddles
  • Funnels
  • Grinding rollers
  • Grit/steel blasting nozzles
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Infeed/outfeed screws
  • Manhole covers
  • Paint and ink rollers
  • Pallet trolley wheels
  • Polyurethane bends
  • Positioning sections
  • Profile strips
  • Pump housing coatings
  • Punch plates
  • Rope block
  • Snow scrapers
  • Through-feed rollers
  • Wheels
Machinery and equipment industry
  • Bearing blocks
  • Bellows
  • Conveyor chutes
  • Gaskets and sealing products
  • Glass rollers
  • Membranes
  • Spring elements
  • Transport guides
  • Transport rollers
  • Vibration dampers
  • Vibrator ram feet
  • Diabolos
  • Coated tensioning straps
  • Gaskets and sealing products
  • Piggyback blocks
  • Pipe-Pigs
  • Suction valves
  • Valves
Paper and cardboard industry
  • Grubbing rollers
  • Lining for mixing drums
  • No-crush rolls
Special / Artworks
  • Artificial coral reefs
  • Fountain lining
  • Hoof boots
  • Lamps for Holland-America line

The Polarttech polyurethane casting shop vacuum casts different polyurethane systems to manufacture solid products. We manufacture highly complex products, like three-dimensional products, by means of injection moulding. Rotomoulding is used to manufacture hollow products.