What is polyurethane?

Polyurethane (PU) is an important family of polymers which has many applications. You will get in touch with it every day, without being aware of it. At home and in the office. During sports and holiday. In short: polyurethane is one of the most versatile materials in the world. Polyurethane makes our lives easier, more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

The most special thing about polyurethane is that products can be cast in all possible shapes. Very complex products, such as three dimensional products: no problem. Hollow products? PU makes it all possible!

Ok. But what is polyurethane?

‘But what is polyurethane?’ you might still think. Besides knowing that it is a ‘family of polymers’, you may not have become much wiser. Let us try and explain it as simple as possible and in only one sentence:


Polyurethane is a rubbery plastic.

We can also explain it to you in a more technical way:

Polyurethane has the strength of plastic and the elasticity of rubber.

What are the properties of PU?

Polyurethane offers more possibilities than rubber or plastics. Because the raw material is liquid, polyurethane properties can be influenced. Consider this liquid raw material as a ‘soup’ , where you can add other ingredients. That’s how you can serve another dish every time. The options are endless. If we translate this to polyurethane, you can think about hard, soft, flexible, tough, light materials and different colours. Also various additives can be added to polyurethane, such as: flame retardants, UV protectors, MoS2, steel- and aluminum powders, PTFE, glass, graphite and chalk. Anything is possible!

What is polyurethane used for?

Polyurethane products make our lives easier. You will get in touch with it every day. Because the material is so versatile, you will encounter it in many different shapes. In the list below you will see in what way you can encounter PU daily:

  • car parts
  • carpolish
  • protective layers
  • building insulation
  • coatings
  • insulation for refrigerators and freezers
  • adhesives
  • mattresses
  • upholstery
  • manhole covers
  • soles
  • funnels
  • paint
  • floors
  • wheels and tires


This list grows every day. Daily new products and applications are invented for polyurethane. Would you like to know more about possible applications of PU in our daily lives? Watch youtube video ‘What is polyurethane’ Are you curious about all the things we can do with polyurethane? Have a look at our products and be amazed by the possibilities!

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