The rotomoulding technique

Rotational or centrifugal moulding of polyurethane is very different from rotomoulding plastic where powder is heated up to very high temperatures, after which the part is moulded and cooled. Our polyurethane rotomoulding method works as follows: we pour a mixture of liquid polyurethane into a mould. We then seal the mould to start rotomoulding. The chemical process that occurs in the polyurethane system, causes the liquid polyurethane to harden and form a product.


Very large dimensions

Polarttech is the only company in the Netherlands that can make hollow polyurethane products with very large dimensions of up to 1 x 1.4 metres. Our Research & Development Department is now working on the development of techniques that will enable us to make products sized 2.5 x 2.5 metres in the near future.

Cost saving

Contrary to the rotational moulding of other plastics, rotomoulding of polyurethane does not involve any extra processes like heating, cooling and high pressure. Since this makes these moulds easy and cost-effective to produce, manufacturing hollow products of polyurethane is much less costly than making hollow products from other plastics. This makes the hollow polyurethane moulded products by Polarttech even more attractive for you.


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